Network Security Consulting


Don’t Kiss Your Digital Assets Goodbye

Information security is essential in order to prevent potentially costly and embarrassing security lapses. Viatech Consulting provides detailed assessments of their clients’ entire security infrastructures to identify and eliminate any vulnerability.

Viatech Consulting’s Network Security Services will help you:
  • Protect, anticipate and prepare for challenges
  • React to threats in real time
  • Optimize that balance of people, process and cost effective technology
  • Rest at night knowing you’re digital assets are protected
Viatech Consulting works closely with our clients to address each client’s security concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. Viatech Consulting’s Network Security Services are not limited merely to identifying and recommending effective countermeasures such as patching existing security vulnerabilities. Rather, we are dedicated to helping our clients develop and maintain an integrated security infrastructure that can prevent and minimize the effect of future security lapses.

Viatech Consulting’s Network Security Services focuses on securing business solutions by providing a full complement of proactive, real-time, reactive, and executive advisory services to institutions and corporations while providing a fully business-driven approach. Our service offerings are strategically segmented into six service lines:
  • Intranet Security Testing
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Telecommunications Assessment
  • Database Assessment
  • Physical Security Testing
  • Forensics
  • Training

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